Sunday, 14 February 2010

Change of direction.

It's been ages since I added to the blog. A combination of painters block, a sore arm and Christmas, with all its visiting responsibilities, meant that it has been a while since I picked up a paintbrush.
Eventually I did, only to find that I'd lost interest in my Sherrifmuir and Marlburian projects, and try as I might they refused to rekindle.
So fiddling around a bit, with different periods, I have emerged with a new direction, SF. Suddenly I find myself enthused by Pig Irons range of SF figures, along with a re-awakening of 40k ideas that I had thought long dead and buried. So I thought I would post some photos of my ten year old 'World Eaters' Chaos Marines project, as well as my beginning Pig Iron Kolony Militia troops.

'World Eaters' Demon Prince

'World Eaters' command

Pig Irom Militia + Urban Mammoth sniper.