Monday, 1 March 2010

To a bright, new future!

Continuing my 'conversion' to a science fiction setting, I considered several options, Warhammer 40k, Urban War etc.
However, I think I'm going to work on a setting in the near future on Earth, rather than an Outer Space one.
As a result I'm working on a background of turmoil and rebellion set in 2160AD. The idea being that at some stage in the 21st Century the world fell under the control of a One World Government. Nations were abolished to be replaced by a collection of 'states', as a result 150 years later, rebellions break out as Nations try to reassert themselves.
Anyway, background aside, I've started work on the rebel force. Pig Iron 'rebel' colonists, with some West Wind 'secrets of the third reich' Russian Survivor heads. A combination that allows a more 'futuristic Earth' look, to my mind, than the official heads.
But, see for yourself,

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  1. Very cool headswaps! I was curious how the SOTR heads would match with Pig Iron figures. I see some Space Russians in my future!