Wednesday, 21 April 2010

A rethink...

I have had a major rethink, a kind of ‘road to Damascus’ moment. One that has made me reorganise and prioritise my projects. For over thirty years I’ve been starting projects and failing to finish them, as a result I have cabinets full of groups, regiments and varied beginning armies, but nothing even remotely finished. When I started this blog I was full of enthusiasm for the late 17th and early 18th century. As per usual the project started well, slowed then petered out into sporadic figures of various periods. Not good, once again a project was going nowhere.

However, direction and a renewed impetus were garnered from other blogs, where I saw the benefits of having a plan to follow. They followed a schedule, no matter how loose, which at the very least seemed that they had goals to be achieved with an ultimate end towards which they proceeded. Logical, yes, but I’ve never been too good at ‘logic’. It has taken a long time for the penny to drop, So here I am, one year later, with very little to show for my efforts, a couple of completed regiments, a handful of unrelated figures and so many ‘new’ projects that I’m fearing for my sanity.

So, as I said, I’ve reorganised, prioritised and restructured, condensing my many projects down to two – Sherrifmuir 1715 and The English Civil war. The first of these will stay on this blog, and the second has a blog all of its own –War Without An Enemy.

At the present work on the English Civil War project has taken centre stage, as can be seen from the blog. However, my Sherrifmuir project hasn’t been forgotten, and I shall be returning to that soon. Hopefully, I can focus on these two projects, without the distraction of other periods tempting me away.

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  1. Good luck

    Remember you still have this hobby as enjoyment first project management second ;)