Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Hmm, bases!

Basing, I hate basing. It seems that no matter how carefully I apply filler, I always end up getting some on the figure. The bigger the base + more figures = higher difficulty level. No wonder many people seem to prefer basing singly, after all no small gaps between figures that seem to defy eyesight and small implements. I've tried many different ways of basing, and I'm still trying to find a simple technique, so if any one has one please tell me.

Rant over. Despite working with gritted teeth and a curse held under breath, the bases for Wightman's are almost finished. Just the relatively easy bits left, painting and adding greenery etc.

Still considering SYW seriously, seems I've become addicted to tricornes. Sent for SYW rules, 'Die Kriegkunst' (try saying that without sniggering like a schoolboy after several beers), once they arrive and I've had a chance to look them over I'll let you know what I think.

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